Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Fridays! 

Feel good Fridays are all about recognising the kind people in our community that always give 100%. Whether you are the face of a business,  someone who works behind the scenes, or just a friendly neighbour who has helped someone move.  WE NOTICE YOU! 

Feel Good Fridays are our way to say thank you to the good samaritans in our community.  If you know someone in our community that always serves you with a smile, or has gone out of the way to help someone, we would like to know! 

Friday 21st of April 2017 - Lisa Baillie

Lisa has put a lot of time and effort into creating and running our 4074 community page. Always informing, educating and loofing for great ways to help our members. 

Thank you Lisa for the amazing work you do for our community 

Friday 24th Of March 2017 - Marcella: Damien Lacey Plumbing 

Marcella from Damien Lacey Plumbing is the first point of contact when you walk-in or phone into the office. Every time we have phoned the office Marcella has had lovely phone manner whilst always going above and beyond to ensure our requests were seen to. 

Thank you Marcella for your kindness and exceptional customer service.